Eltel leading the way in wind power

With Eltel as your partner, you can boost the performance and efficiency of your wind power implementation. We are leading the way when it comes to comprehensive Infrastructure services, both in traditional and new areas like wind power. All to your benefit!

Eltel is a comprehensive service provider in wind power services. Our expertise covers everything in infrastructure solutions, and we have established special wind power erection services. We build, connect and care.

The current trend in wind power is growth to satisfy the needs of emission-free power generation. The growth will accelerate in coming years, and the whole value chain from developing to the end of production will require more professionals and resources. Eltel responds to this demand with comprehensive solutions based on decades of experience in electricity networks, and new established/specialized services on top of this foundation.

We are always close
Wind power is basically a national business. Eltel’s priority is therefore to offer a nationwide geographical coverage of field specialists in the countries where the company is active. Above all, service response time is a critical factor when the wind park is in operation. We use proven resource management systems supported by Mobile Workforce solutions to guarantee the appropriate service levels required by operators.

When developing and constructing wind parks Eltel applies its well-proven approach and priorities. Our experience in executing large-scale projects is essential to meet the strict requirements of time, cost and quality.

From the bigger perspective, when investors merge and grow in size, we can be their cross-border partner thanks to our international presence. Our continuous benchmarking and experience in international projects are an important advantage for our clients.

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