• Eltel signs a new EUR 20 million contract with Jernbaneverket in Norway

    Eltel has signed a new contract with Jernbaneverket. This is a second major win after the first contract early 2013.


    Erling Haugnes, Eltel Rail and Road Norway and Stine Ilebrekke Undrum, ​Jernbaneverket.
  • Eltel shows strong improvement of performance in 2013

    Eltel sales stayed at a stable level in 2013. Sales totalled EUR 1,153.7 million, an increase of 0.4% compared to the previous year (1,149.0). The growth was achieved organically.


    Eltel technician
  • Per Krogager appointed as new Vice President, HR at Eltel Group

    Per Krogager from Denmark has been appointed as new Vice President of HR at Eltel Group. Krogager has made a career in a number of international companies in developing their organizations and managing the HR functions. He has also published several books on measurement of HR function, value of organizational KPIs and estimating ROI of HR activities.


  • Eltel continues as TeliaSonera's partner in Finland

    Eltel’s Mobile Telecom business continues as Sonera’s partner in Finland and will deliver a significant part of build services of Sonera’s network. Besides the network implementation the new contract contains also maintentance and administration of production facilities.