Shaping Future Infranets

To shape the way our society works, a more effective interplay between electricity, telecom and IT networks/services is required. By combining these three technologies in an innovative way, a more intelligent and coherent infrastructure is created – the Infranet.

Eltel is pioneering the new and emerging Infranet service industry. No matter whether you are a utility or an operator, our approach introduces unique synergies and opportunities to boost your network performance; helping you to maximize availability and optimize your resources. The result is boosted earnings – what Infranet Quality is all about.

Pulling all these strands together, the Infranet adds new dimensions to our everyday life. By cross-fertilizing the technologies of electricity, telecom and IT you will be able to develop cutting-edge solutions that offer smarter and more efficient services to your customers, the end users.

Eltel has a long track record of working with the leading companies in power transmission, distribution or telecom sectors. The Infranet is crucial to almost every branch of our society – industry, railway, road, aviation, public service and homeland security. You name it.