A head start with Eltel smart metering

Eltel has unsurpassed experience in AMM (Advanced Meter Management). To date, we have installed more than three million metering units. Our customers include several of the leading North European grid companies. This gives us a solid and unmatched track record.

Eltel is an installation service provider of smart meters. As an installation partner our delivery includes all elements from local meter and waste logistics, planning and scheduling, end customer communications, installation and field operation services to large scale project management.

Smart metering is still revolutionary but Eltel is the clear leader in the field. We have already gained great experience and expertise from working with some of the largest utility companies. This has set the standard for our level of service. Eltel brings higher performance to smart metering implementations. And thanks to our international presence, we can act as a cross-border partner.

Partnership with Eltel will help you boost your business. In all our Infranet services, our primary objective is to bring you – the customer – maximum added value. As a smart metering contractor, we do this by providing high-quality installation services. All to your benefit – and the environment’s!

We are always close by
Today Eltel has a dedicated AMM Group that operates throughout Europe, offering local knowledge and bases and a prompt 24/7 response. We are dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness and quality of installation services, providing you and your customers with opportunities to save money and energy.

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Contact our AMM Group today, and let us help you take care of your environmental issues. Eltel AMM Group works in close collaboration with Eltel Smart Grid™ solutions.

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