Infranet build. Infranet connect. Infranet care.

Eltel is a full-service supplier of Infranet Quality services. Our range covers everything from standard products to custom-tailored solutions; all building on our deep understanding and experience with a broad range of technologies – particularly electricity, telecom and IT.

We build. We have the capabilities and resources to handle everything from small repeated build orders to the most complex and demanding turnkey projects. Whatever the size of the project, our approach is based on a straight-forward, transparent and close collaboration between us at Eltel, our suppliers and you, the customer.

We connect. We see to it that your customers are quickly and efficiently connected to your services, covering everything from broadband installations to new, innovative service concepts like smart grids. Eltel is also the leader in the installation of automated metering management systems. Technology is moving fast – so are we.

We care. We are dedicated to maintaining and servicing your network. Our mobile units work in close collaboration with your end user help desk. This ensures that your downtime is minimized and the quality of your services is outstanding. Our people are on duty around the clock, year round.