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Eltel is securing important work on the Swedish power transmission market


Svenska Kraftnät has awarded Eltel Transmission Sweden contracts worth EUR 16 million to build two sections of the 400 kV line Stackbo – Hamra CL33.

The contracts are based on turnkey delivery of materials,  civil works and construction. The project consists of two geographical sections of the 400 kV line CL33 which is connecting Hamra and Stackbo substations. The total length of these sections is 30 km.

The project was won in international competition, and gives proof that Eltel can well keep its competitive position on the Swedish power transmission market. The total value of the two contracts is circa EUR 16 million.

The line to be built is located in the eastern parts of Sweden in proximity of the two cities Uppsala and Gävle. The line is passing sensitive Natura 2000 environmental protection areas and will cross over the large river Dalälven with towers to be located on several islands in the river.

The works will start in the autumn with the building of foundations and access roads. The  construction works of the major line shall take place during the summer of 2012, and the old line will be replaced by the new line. Fulfilling the required outage targets are of paramount importance in the contract. The new line shall be energized in August 2012.

In the execution of the above project, Eltel is utilizing its cross border resourcing by setting up teams from its Swedish and Polish Transmission units.

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