Eltel smart solutions for Smart Grid

Eltel’s Infranet services are designed to maximize the capability of your network and optimize your resources. Our Smart Grid solutions are innovative examples of this. They bring significant benefits for your business and for the environment.

Eltel is a full-service provider of Smart Grid. Our comprehensive offering is based on world-class concepts. These include proven Infranet service elements as well as new items developed specifically for Smart Grid. As your partner, we start with detailed consultations to find the most cost-efficient and future-proof solutions. Our delivery may then include all elements from materials to logistics, inventories, civil works, certified electricity installations, commissioning and maintenance. We can handle overall project management and steering-group support.

There is a strong global imperative to save energy. Our Smart Grid approach fits well into this picture and offers high value to operators and utilities who share this aspiration. Maybe you are one of them? With Eltel as your Smart Grid partner you can benefit from our ingrained knowledge of electric-power and telecom networks and move towards a greener future.

Smart Grid is currently in a strong development phase and Eltel leads the way in this race. Our experience and commitment allow us to act as a partner to some of the largest utility and telecom companies. This in turn sharpens our competitive edge and our capability to deliver.

We are always close by
Eltel operates throughout Europe and we have our own specialists in nine countries. That means good local knowledge, prompt 24/7 services, and bases close to you, the customer. We provide our services with a similar pattern everywhere. And thanks to our international presence, we can act as a cross-border partner.

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