In Eltel...

Eltel is a ‘people company’. Our 8,500 employees are critical to our business success. We are established in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and UK. In addition, we have a number of project offices elsewhere around the world. We are where our customers are. 

Eltel is organized into some 400 teams consisting of around 20 specialists each and working in the nine countries where we are active. Each team is dedicated to a specific competence area, for example mobile telecom, transmission, distribution, smart grids or AMM (Automatic Meter Monitoring). Although their competences differ, every team works in accordance with the Eltel Way model of operation.

In Eltel, roles and responsibilities are clearly specified. This guarantees that we have a unified and cost-efficient working approach throughout our business units. It also guarantees that our teams are able to work in close harmony when employed on larger and more complex Infranet projects covering several technologies and on more than one geographical market.