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Eltel strengthens its leading position in Poland


Eltel Networks Olsztyn SA prepares for the opening of service market to power distribution sector by acquiring ZWSE SECO Toruń SA.

Eltel Networks Olsztyn SA has acquired 100 % of shares of Zaklad Wykonawstwa Sieci Elektrycznych SECO Toruń SA. The acquired company employs 70 people, and it provides a wide scope of services in building and modernization of power lines and substations for distribution networks. The company’s main office is located in Toruń, Poland and it has also the subsidiary in Grudziadz. Since December 1, 2010 the company name was changed to Eltel Networks Torun SA. 

The strategic reason behind the acquisition is to strengthen Eltel’s position in Poland within the MV distribution segment of the market. It is expected that this market segment will open itself to independent service providers and offer number of opportunities for companies like Eltel in the coming years. The main customer of the acquired entity is ENERGA Torun.

Eltel entered the Polish market in 2003 by the acquisition of Eltel Networks Olsztyn SA. Since then Eltel has made 7 further acquisitions in Poland, making it by far the market leader as service provider both in electricity and telecommunication sector. The Polish operations employ 3.000 people.

Eltel Group is a leading Infranet service company providing design, build and maintenance services to sectors in electricity, telecommunications, homeland security, aviation, rail and road, and enterprise communications. Eltel’s leading business idea is to boost the Infranet quality in our society. The group has permanent establishments in 9 European countries, mainly around the Baltic Sea region. Besides the European market Eltel delivers projects e.g. in power transmission to emerging markets. Eltel’s sales were EUR 873 mill. in 2009 and the group employs 8.745 people.

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Tadeusz Madaj, President Eltel Networks Olsztyn SA
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